News: Renaissance Speakers New Website Project

VP PR, Renaissance Speakers
President, Renaissance Speakers

Past President, Renaissance Speakers, George Alger


This Project delineates Step #6 of the Renaissance Speakers Social Media Expansion Program, which states: George to establish a new “Social Media” website (software provided for no cost by, coordinated with VP PR re design and content.

There are three main phases of this Project:

A) George to set up the new RS social media website:

B) Jo to move the articles from the existing RS site to the new website (With GA hatting)

C) When the new RS website is ready, the existing site will be “repointed” to the new website. Anyone searching for or will arrive at The old site will no longer exist. (Examples: and Both are redirected to “.org” websites. There is no “.com” website for Scn or AFABW).

01) DONE – VP PR to review this Project to ensure understanding and seek clarification for any questions. (Project may be revised if needed.)

02) DONE – VP PR to submit CSW to RS EC for approval of $83.40 annual registration/hosting fees.

03) DONE – VP PR to coordinate with President on any preferences for new website features. Examples: Is there anything on current site that is not necessary for new site? Is there any new ideas that should be contemplated for new site? (In addition to points outlined in “RS Social Media Expansion Program”). Note: Any and all ideas for improvements and new features are welcome. However, it is conceivable that not all excellent ideas will be implemented with existing resources.

04) DONE – Treasurer (Bill Moon) to set up new RS web hosting account with, using RS payment card. Cost: $83.40 per year.

05) DONE – Treasurer to purchase “” domain name. Cost included is $83.40.

06) DONE – George to install WordPress software on

07) DONE – George to establish RS WordPress database on

08) DONE – George to ensure WordPress and database are integrated and operational.

09) DONE – George to configure WordPress basic settings: Date/Time coding, social media and many others rudimentary settings.

10) DONE – George to research, select and install basic “theme” for the site (establishing site design).

11) DONE – George to install, activate and configure basic “Plugins” (Stats, Contact form, Sitemap, Spam protection, basic search engine optimization and others).

12) DONE – George to set up basic pages and categories

13) DONE – George to hat VP PR on registering on new site to publish content.

14) DONE – VP PR to register on new RS site to publish content.

15) DONE – George to hat VP PR on how to move articles from existing website to new website.

16) DONE – VP PR to move articles from existing website and publish to new website.

17) DONE – George to hat RS Social Media Members on registering on new site

18) DONE – RS Social Media Members to register on new RS site.

19) DONE – George to hat RS Social Media Members about publishing text to new website.

20) DONE – RS Social Media Members to upload speeches (their own or someone else’s) to new website.

21) DONE – VP PR to monitor content against “Renaissance Speakers Publishing Guidelines.” (See point 4 of “RS Social Media Expansion Program.”)

22) DONE – Ray to redirect domain to, at which point will no longer exist.

23) DONE 8/29/11 Ray and George to coordinate the relocation of the domain to so that there is only one RS web hosting and registration account.

24) ___ When Step #23 is completed, VP PR to advise Ray to cancel the RS “” hosting account and see if there is any refund available to RS for unused service. If so, coordinate with Treasurer to deposit unused service funds.

25) ___ George to continue workshop training, consulting, advising, etc., as outlined in “RS Social Media Expansion Program” so that members are uploading their own (and others’) speeches in text, photos, audio and video formats.

26) ___ CONDITIONAL: George to take group photo of RS Social Media Members and feature on new website. The idea is to make it clear who are the RS Social Media Members, since these core members may be willing to upload speeches for other RS members.

About George Alger

George is a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM); Principal of Local TV Advertising Agency,; Founder of; Past President of the Renaissance Speakers (1999-2000); Cable TV Producer (see; and an ardent motorcycle and photography enthusiast. (He also eats too much organic dark chocolate). Visit for more info.