Speech: Social Media Marketing for Renaissance Speakers, by George Alger

“Renaissance Speakers” is an appropriate name for this club.

“Renaissance” is French for “rebirth” and going back to Latin means, “to be born again.”

And in modern parlance means “Richard Stewart’s Guests.”

However, it would be more accurate to say that Renaissance Speakers means, “Richard and Roberta’s guests,” since, in one way or another, we are all offspring of that pairing.

Which, in my opinion, is how the club reflects such a dynamic combination of ultimate grace and earthy humor.

As well, as any characteristics that Richard has contributed.

But I diverge.

Many here may be aware that the Renaissance was a period of intellectual transformation, generally viewed as a bridge between the Middle Ages – when Lance was a milkman – and the Modern era, when motorcycles finally became perfected.

Beginning in Italy, and spreading to the rest of Europe by the 16th century, the influence of the Renaissance period affected literature, philosophy, art, politics, science, religion, and other aspects of intellectual inquiry, all subjects which have finally culminated in a pinnacle of cultural articulation within this group.

But do you know what facilitated the rapid transmission of new ideas hatched in this period called The Renaissance?

It was this: The invention of the printing press.

The printing press granted many more people access to books and knowledge, than ever before.

The point of this presentation is to highlight the connection between the period of the Renaissance, and the Renaissance Speakers, and especially the rapid promotion of cultural and intellectual enlightenment by way of the printing press, in relation to what some have hailed as the greatest invention of our era, and which has exponentially increased the speed and transmission of ideas: the Internet.

And that my friends, is the point of this presentation.

Unfortunately, that can’t be accomplished. It’s impossible.

Thank you for your kind attention and good day.

Well, OK, since I have a little more time to kill, let’s talk about social media.

Would anyone care to offer a definition of Social Media?

[Get definition from audience, clarify if needed]


In a nutshell, social media is stuff you and I create and publish. Whether that might be articles, photos, videos, music, audio broadcasts, or anything else we care to publish on the web.

The term “social media” is used to draw a distinction between “traditional media,” which might also be characterized as “broadcast” or “mass” media.

Social media is you and I, and anyone else, creating information and publishing it for others to check out.

And boy oh boy, is the Renaissance Speakers ripe for Social Media expansion, based upon all the communicating that members in this club do!

Every Renaissance Speakers meeting is a creative and dynamic mix of education, enlightenment, entertainment and vaudeville that should be made available to others by way of four different media sources:

1. Textual (the written word)
2. Audio (sound recordings)
3. Visual (photos)
4. As well as Video, which in the case of the Renaissance Speakers, would also include audio.

OK, let’s contemplate a few points on this Program….

[Distribute Renaissance Speakers Social Media Expansion Program]

[Go over Primary Steps of the Program]

[Question & Answer Period]

[Conclusion: ]

In the same way that the Printing Press facilitated the rapid dissemination of ideas during the Renaissance, the Internet, and particularly Social Media, provides a great opportunity for the Renaissance Speakers to communicate in a broader and more effective fashion about the great stuff that’s going on with this club.

Never before in history has it been so easy and inexpensive to get ideas spread out so far and wide.

And, by virtue of being a coordinated group, there are opportunities that exist for even more powerful promotion than any one individual is capable of attaining using the same technologies.

In other words, there is truly some inherent, untapped, promotional power awaiting to be unleashed by way of this Renaissance Speakers Social Media Program.

About George Alger

George is a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM); Principal of Local TV Advertising Agency, SkyworksMarketing.com; Founder of NonProfitFire.org; Past President of the Renaissance Speakers (1999-2000); Cable TV Producer (see OurVentura.com); and an ardent motorcycle and photography enthusiast. (He also eats too much organic dark chocolate). Visit GeorgeAlger.com for more info.