News: Third Renaissance Speakers Social Media Workshop

George Alger

Photos! That was the primary topic today as I demonstrated how images are displayed on the new club website,, which is still under development, and will be publicly launched in the future.

The new website is graphics hungry and prefers to have a photo added to every type of post on the website, which includes speeches, success stories, news items, public speaking articles, etc.

All the photos that members have access to can be changed or adjusted at any time.

Furthermore, the distinction was made between the two types of images that members can adjust:

A) Display images that are manually added to any and all of the posts on the website. For example, the image in the top left of this post.

B) The “avatar” graphics, which are small, personal portraits, or representations of each member (which they choose), that are automatically inserted into each post or comment that a member makes on the site. The avatar is unique in that any time it is changed, it automatically changes on all the posts and comments on the website. As an example, the small image that is at the bottom of this post is my avatar.

Today’s workshop mainly focused on “A” above, which are the images that members manually add when they post a speech, article or other item.

Here are the four primary parts to displaying photographs within speeches, articles, success stories, news items, etc.

1) Upload the photo to the post.

2) Resize the image so that it’s not too big or too small.

3) Position the photo to the left, center or right of the post (most usually on the left).

4) Label the image with an appropriate title so that when a website visitor moves their mouse cursor over the photo an apt title is displayed.

Members should manually upload a unique image to display into each speech (or any post) that they publish to the club website. Alternatively, members can simply use one photo of themselves to illustrate each speech or post. In which case, they could upload their photo once, and continually re-use it for every other speech or post in the future. The choice is up to each member!

Furthermore, the workshop attendees were shown the latest design and layout of the new website, which is still under development, and is intended to go “live” (which means made available to the search engines), in the near future.

The homework assignment for the attendees was to upload photos to their own posts so they are visible on the website.

There was also discussion about the upcoming promotional campaign for the club, of which the website will be the foundation. Distributing the speeches, articles, news items, success stories and other content items from the club website will be fundamental to getting the word out to others about what’s going on at the Renaissance Speakers. YouTube and Facebook will also contribute to this promotion.

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