Speech: The Opposition, by Annette McCullough (Video)

Annette McCullough started scuba diving in 1967 and became a certified diving instructor by PADI, NAUI and YMCA in 1969 and taught diving until 1982. In this speech, Annette presented “Speeches by Management,” Project #5 Confrontation: THE ADVERSARY RELATIONSHIP (Advanced Manual). This speech included a short Q & A period at the end. Her task was to:

1. Prepare for an adversary confrontation on a controversial management issue.

2. Employ appropriate strategy and techniques for communicating with an adversary group as the representative of her corporation.

The audience was invited to ask probing, hostile questions attacking the speaker and attempt to make her and her organization look bad, since the audience was to assume the perspective of a “Resort Owners Association” attending an annual conference whereby they are being asked to vote on a measure requiring they hire only Certified Scuba Diving Instructors at their resort. This will increase their overhead and not directly increase their income – hence, the audience was advised that they were not in favor of the idea.

About Annette

Annette is an active Member of Renaissance Speakers and is serving her second term as Vice President of Membership. She is also the Area Governor for Division 41 and works to inspire all of the Clubs in her Area to expand and be all they can be. She can be seen and heard frequently in Community Service Groups delivering speeches designed to help inspire and motivate people to stretch and grow and become more of what they really want in life. She is also active in a variety of youth groups, delivering the "Truth About Drugs" message to kids of all ages.