News: Speech Evaluation and Tall Tales Contests Results!

Speech Evaluation and Tall Tales Contest Winners

Speech Evaluation and Tall Tales Contest Winners

George Alger and Michael Wadler took home the annual Renaissance Speakers “Speech Evaluation” (coaching) and “Tall Tales” trophies today.

George was selected by the club to represent the Renaissance Speakers at the next highest contest level for Speech Evaluation, and Michael was chosen to represent the club at the next highest level Tall Tales competition with his speech, “The Job Offer”.

Today’s contests were the beginning of a multi-month evolution of awardees competing higher and higher up a competitive hierarchy of awardees from broader geographical zones.

Special acknowledgments are in order for Contest Chair, Bobbi Wood, and Chief Judge, Annette McCullough, for coordinating a smooth (and entertaining) event.

Speech Evaluation (Coaching) Contest Awardees

The three top placements in the Speech Evaluation contest were:

1st Place: George Alger
2nd Place: Bill Moon
3rd Place: Tremale Berger

(Bill will represent the Renaissance Speakers in the next higher contest against other clubs if George is unavailable to compete).

Tall Tales Contest Awardees

The three top awardees in the Tall Tales contest were:

1st Place: Michael Wadler
2nd Place: Richard McCullough
3rd Place: Roberta Perry

(Richard will represent the Renaissance Speakers in the next contest against other clubs if Michael is not able to attend).

2013 Renaissance Speakers Speech Evaluation (Coaching) Contest

For the Speech Evaluation contest, the audience and each of the seven contestants listened to the guest test speaker, Julia Valino, deliver an entertaining presentation about her participation in the LA Marathon, which resulted in overcoming painful challenges and ultimately realizing the importance of friends and commitment.

After her presentation, the speech evaluation contestants were escorted out of the room. Then, one-by-one, each of the contestants presented their evaluation to Julia and the club. (While the remaining contestants remained sequestered out of the theatre and could not hear the presentations).

Congratulations to each and all of the evaluation contestants for their participation! (Presented in the order of delivery).

John Taussig
Susan Stewart
Bill Moon
George Alger
Kathy Oliver
Cecilia Crisantes
Tremale Berger

2013 Renaissance Speakers Tall Tales Speech Contest

The Tall Tales contest showcased the best (worst?) liars in the club. Renaissance Speakers apparently also has the MOST liars as 9 contestants each delivered their best whoppers in 3-5 minutes.

Michael Wadler delivered his humorous Tall Tales speech entitled “The Job Offer,” about his entertaining meeting with God.

Congratulations to each and all of the contestants for their Tall Tales speeches! (Presented in the order of delivery).

Tremale Berger
Carla Moxon
Richard McCullough
Susan Stewart
John Liebling
Cecilia Crisantes
Michael Wadler
Roberta Perry
Cliff Noble

2013 Contest Supporting Cast

No contest can occur without the work of a whole cast of vital supporters. This year’s team pulled together to create an outstanding event.

President, Roberta Perry
Contest Chair, Bobbi Wood
Chief Judge, Annette McCullough

Assistant Chair, Lee Cambique
Timer, Naomi Conners
Timer, Lance Miller
Ballot Counter, Serena McCullough
Ballot Counter, Richard Stewart
Camera, Ray Korns
Sergeant-at-Arms, Mike Baron

Thanks to all for making this a great event!

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