Success: Tell Me All Your Thoughts On Public Speaking, A Spritual Experience!

Me: Dear God, I really don’t want to speak in public-I mean I know that other people do and some people are really good at it, but not me.

GOD: Oh, I see…..

Me: Well you see everyone has their God given talents….I mean the talents which you gave them, right?

GOD: Well in a way,…kind of……

Me: Like you gave me the talent to communicate really well with my cat……therefore I don’t really need to communicate with others that much and especially no need for me to speak in public or to any groups, right?

GOD: Not Exactly,,,,,,,

Me: mmmmmm, well, what do you mean? – You think I should speak in public to groups? and to others?

GOD: Yes, Definitely! You should speak to other people, in public and to group and not just to your cat.

Me: But you did Not make me a public speaker – you did not give me the public speaking gene or talent or naturally abilities or gifts to speak in public…….So Why

GOD: Wait a minute! I gave you Toastmaster and Renaissance Speakers Now, how YOU decide to use your GOD given abilities to communicate to up to YOU! The choice is Yours :)

About Ed Knighton

Greetings! I joined Renaissance Speakers in 1998 and in 1999 I served as Vice President of Production. Through Renaissance Speakers I was selected as one of the main Runners for The European Journey which Celebrated The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Professional I currently worked in the field of Marketing Chiropractic and Massage Therapy. The experience and the friends I have made in Toastmasters and Renaissances Speakers has been life changing experince. However, when I get older I will try not to give George too hard a time.