Success: Communicating with Cavemen

I’ve never been afraid to get up in front of groups.  Of course, SAYING anything when I was up there was a whole n’other matter!  For me it was more of a “trust” thing — would they listen and accept what I was saying, or throw bones at me like some wild bunch of prehistoric cavemen!?

I joined the Renaissance Speakers and made my way through the 10 basic Toastmasters “Communication and Leadership” speech projects.  As I moved through the self-paced program, not only did I gain confidence about “what” to say and “how” to say it, I gained more confidence in all areas of my life.

However, even more meaningful to me has been the tremendous friendships I have garnered among my “family” of Renaissance Speakers buddies who comprise the warmest and most insouciant group I have ever been a part of.  And – here’s the best bart – I’m no longer worried they’ll throw bones at me like a wild bunch of prehistoric cavemen!  

PS: Although most of the males in the club are wild cavemen, all the women are very civilized.  :-)

About Naomi Conners

Naomi Conners (aka "Bubbles") is a Past President of the Renaissance Speakers (2000-2001); is known for her brilliantly written and delivered annual speech on whatever strikes her fancy; and is most proud of the eons of difficulties she has perpetrated on Mr. George Alger.