News: John Liebling takes 2nd Place in District Table Topics Contest!

Renaissance Speakers club members stand with the trophy winner at the District 52 Spring Conference. L to R: Roberta Perry, Debbie Ellish, Club President Serena McCullough, John Liebling, Susan Stewart, and Jeff Harman.

On May 13, 2017, Renaissance Speakers’ John Liebling won the 2nd Place trophy in the District 52 Table Topics Contest at the Embassy Suites in Glendale.

For the first time since the District expanded to six Divisions, this Table Topics Contest had six contestants, each representing one Division.

In the Table Topics contest, speeches shall be from one minute to two minutes. All contestants receive the same topic, which shall be of a general nature. The contestants must stay out of the room until the preceding speaker has completed his or her response to the topic.

This year’s Table Topics question was: “What is your most prized possession and why?” John, in his usual dynamic and confident manner, spoke about his creativity which led to his success in mentoring students during his long career as a high school teacher.

About Jeff Harman

Jeff is a Distinguished Toastmaster and the current Sergeant-at-Arms of Renaissance Speakers.