Speech: Making Your Own Choices, by Fredo Moreno


Every one of us runs into a situation where you have to MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICE. And the choices one makes depend on how you view life and the HABITS you adopt, and from there one everything is touched as if we touch it with a Magic Wand.

Most of us have a big PROBLEM on how to approach PROBLEMS. Most of us get CONFUSED when we are faced by a problem, whereas the least of us learn how to MASTER LIFE after handling problems successfully.

LIFE situations TURNED OUT BAD because one was unable to handle PROBLEMS and adopted the wrong HABITS.

When we you look at all of these LIFE SITUATIONS, we see two groups of people. Those who chose a PRO-SURVIVAL route and those who chose the route of DESTRUCTION and DEATH.

Our current society is our product. That shows how well we handle problems.

We are walking around BLIND with our eyes wide open. Just ask anyone walking around us WHO are we? What are our CAPABILITIES? What is LIFE? MIND? SPIRIT? … You’ll get a blank stare and a shrug. They have acquired the HABIT of IGNORANCE, the habit of not wanting to know.

One piece of wisdom I learned from L. Ron Hubbard is that TRUE LIFE starts with the ability to CONFRONT our problems, as opposed to flinching, avoiding, destroying. And he makes it clear that when you flinch, avoid or destroy you are going to make that thing stronger and more powerfully working against you.

So we have CHOICES TO MAKE and those choices become HABITS. You can choose to use force or ability, choose the material or the spiritual.

TWO CHOICES, you can be or not to be, to know or not to know, to be cause or to be effect, to make it negative or positive, to destroy it or to create it.

Because LIFE IN THE END… either at the end of the day, at the end of a period of time or at the end of this life is what you MADE IT TO BE.

About Fredo Moreno

I've been in a quest searching for Freedom since I was a teenager. First I was under the delusion that a social / economical system would be the answer, not too long after having delved into these subjects I realized the problem was in not knowing about the MIND, such realization took my quest into another direction and more personal to me and others. Since then I’ve dedicated my life to achieve the freedom not as a dream but as a reality I could experience and as I see it now, to enjoy it as well, and I thank L. Ron Hubbard for this. Fredo is a coach on Human Relations and Management for the entrepreneurial-minded audience. He’s helped hundreds of people to understand more about life and to communicate better.