Article: Enter A Speech Contest

I encourage all Toastmasters to enter a Speech Contest. Winning is great, of course, but the real thrill comes from knowing that you overcame the nerves, and just went for it.

The competition may be formidable, but never fear, learn from them. Take notes, spot what they do correctly, look at the audience, check out their reactions.

Adopt some of your competitor’s successful actions in your next speech.

I have been in many contests and have a shelf filled with trophies. But, the true reward is my certainty that I can enter any speech contest anywhere and enjoy myself, thoroughly.

About Clare Anahu

I have been a Renaissance Speaker since 1993. I am a Distinguished Toastmaster and I was a Toastmaster of the Year for District 52 for 1998-1999. I cannot recommend Renaissance Speakers enough for learning the basics of public speaking and thus, expanding your life.