Success: Fear of Speaking

I’ve recently realized that most people are not comfortable speaking in front of a group of people. Most people can be very comfortable typing emails or blogs. Many are very comfortable to talk with those they know. Many might be somewhat comfortable to talk to a stranger, but most people are very uncomfortable to talk in front of groups of people who they know little about. Some would rather “die” than speak in front of people.

I was one of those who felt very uncomfortable to talk even to those I knew – even one on one. After doing Toastmasters and actively participating in Toastmasters’ activities, I was able to overcome the fear of talking to people. Now I can stand in front ANY size of audience and deliver a speech. In fact I am looking for opportunities to speak in front of groups of people, and I very enjoy speaking! Renaissance Speakers – our Toastmasters club changed my life, so I am coming to next meeting and to many to come!

About Mr. Val Rodionov

Val grew up in in a small Russian town surrounded by a forest... He is also the Vice President of Education for the Renaissance Speakers.