Ballot Counter

TMlogo180The purpose of the Ballot Counter is to tally up the votes and introduce the award winners at the end of the meeting.

At the Meeting:

1. Obtain a “Ballot Counter” form from Club Secretary (or print one from the Website before the meeting). Use this form to note the votes from each segment of the meeting (otherwise just use a sheet of paper). The Sargent-At-Arms usually makes sure everyone has a ballot, but it is still your responsibility to make sure everyone has a ballot.

2. When introduced by the Club Coach to explain your function, go to the front right corner of the room, and say words to this effect:

“Mr./Madam Toastmaster, fellow Toastmasters, and welcome guests. As the Ballot Counter I will determine, based on your votes, today’s winners in each of the following categories:

Best Table Topics,
Most Improved Table Topics,
Best Coach and
Most Improved Coach.

I will be counting your votes as well for

Best Pre-CC Speaker,
Best CC and Above Speaker, and
Most Improved Speaker.

You will be asked to vote after each segment of the meeting. Please use the ballots provided. Write the name of the speaker you feel was best in the various categories and pass the ballot to me.

Guests are also welcome to vote.”

Limit the description of your function to no more than one minute.

The Toastmaster or the Club Coach will ask the attendees to vote after each segment of the meeting. The ballots will be passed to you to be tallied.

3. The Ballot Counter normally does not vote unless there is a tie, then you, as Ballot Counter, should cast the tie-breaking vote but do NOT mention the tie.

NOTE: If the tie is between a person who has already won a ribbon in another category and one who has not, award the ribbon to the person without the ribbon.

If the tie is between an experienced and a new speaker, award the ribbon to the newer speaker.

4. Toward the end of the meeting, the Toastmaster will call you to join him or her onstage. Approach the lectern, shake the Toastmaster’s hand and stand to their left. The Toastmaster will have the award ribbons at the lectern, and will ask you what the results are for each category.

For example:

Toastmaster: “Who do we have for most improved Table Topics?”

Ballot Counter:“Cindy Smith”

IMPORTANT: Refer to the winners by first and last name only and remember DO NOT mention that there was a tie, or that the voting was “tight.” or anything of that nature.

5. The winner comes up to the stage and shakes the Toastmaster’s hand and gets his/her ribbon and also shakes your hand.

If there is a photographer taking pictures of the awards (for the Website) then this is your chance to practice a “photo opportunity”. Stand with the winner between you and the Toastmaster. Be sure to pose until the photographer signals you that he has a picture (may take several photos) before you move.


About Renaissance Speakers

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