News: 2013-2014 New Officers Installation Event

Roberta Perry and Richard Stewart

Roberta Perry and Richard Stewart

Today was a celebration of the Renaissance Speakers, featuring the transition of the President and Executive Council members who are the foundation of the club’s ongoing success. The Toastmasters administrative year begins July 1st and runs to June 30th. Similar ceremonies occur in Toastmasters clubs around the world to honor the leaders of the past year and to formally install the new club leaders for the coming year.

The event included presentation of award certificates to the top member achievements.

District 52 Governor, Jo Lauricella, officiated over the ceremony that relieved the past year’s officers of their official duties and installed the recently elected officers for the new year.

As the outgoing President, Richard Stewart delivered an entertaining and emotional presentation about the club’s accomplishments in the past year, as well as the friends he’s made through Toastmasters and the great impact the club has had on his life. His speech moved the audience between tears and laughter.

For her keynote presentation, Serena McCullough presented an inspiring talk about Toastmasters and the power of the individual.

Incoming President, Roberta Perry, urged the audience members to help her maintain the famous Renaissance Speakers “Spirit of Play” in the new year.

Richard and Roberta are the co-founders of the Renaissance Speakers, founded in 1989. Today wrapped up Richard’s second term as President in the past 24 years and inducted Roberta for her second term in the past 24 years, as well.

Outgoing Renaissance Speakers Executive Council

July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013
President: Richard Stewart
VP Education: John Taussig
VP Production: Bobbi Wood
VP Public Relations: Jo Lauricella
VP Membership: Lee Cambigue
Secretary: Celina Pearson
Treasurer: Naomi Conners
Sergeant-at-Arms: Roberta Perry

Incoming Renaissance Speakers Executive Council

July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014
President: Roberta Perry
VP Education: John Liebling
VP Production: Bobbi Wood
VP Public Relations: Jeff Harman
VP Membership: Annette McCullough
Secretary: John Taussig
Treasurer: Naomi Conners
Sergeant-at-Arms: Michael Baron

2012-2013 Renaissance Speakers Awards

Extra Mile Award (Multiple Educational Awards)
Bill Moon (4)
Susan Stewart (3)
Jo Lauricella (2)
Willard Michlin (2)

Grandiloquent Orator Award (Most Ribbons / Best Speaker)
Sarah Khan

Grandiloquent Orator Award (Most Ribbons / Most Improved Speaker)
Tremale Berger

Perpetual Pontificator Award (Most speeches given for the year)
Tremale Berger

Fastest Out of the Gate Award (Most Ribbons / Best Pre-CC)
Carla Moxon

Cream of the Coaches Award (Most Ribbons / Best Coach)
Bill Moon

Gettin’ Better All the Time Award (Most / Most Improved Coach)
John Taussig

Coveted Coachess with the Mostess (Coached the most number of times)
Susan Stewart

Impromptu Impresario Award (Most / Best Table Topics)
Lance Miller & Bill Moon

Impromptu Impresario Award (Most / Most Improved Table Topics)
Cecilia Crisantes

Top Dog ‘Generalissimo’ Award (Won the most ribbons for the year)
Bill Moon

Top Hat Award (Most hats worn)
Ray Korns (69)

Top Hat Award (“Lotta” hats worn)
Susan Stewart (54)
Bill Moon (53)
Richard Stewart (50)

Magic Chef Award (Was Toastmaster-of-Meeting most number of times)
Michael Baron

Magic Chef Award (Was Toastmaster-of-Meeting second most number of times)
Jo Lauricella (4)
Lance Miller (4)
Richard Stewart (4)

Semper Fidelis Award (Best Attendance)
Ray Korns (50)

‘Allowing the Renaissance to Continue’ Award (Brought the most guests)
Richard Stewart (10)
Susan Stewart (10)

Go Where No Renaissance Speaker Has Gone Before Award
(Most Speeches Outside the Club)
Richard Stewart (35)

Go Where No Renaissance Speaker Has Gone Before Award
(‘Bucketsful’ of Speeches Outside the Club)
Susan Stewart (30)
Jo Lauricella (29)
Lance Miller (21)
Roberta Perry (18)

Appreciation Awards

2 “Find Your Voice” events (standing room only): Lance Miller and Roberta Perry

“Over The Top” Fundraiser Producer: Kathy Oliver

“Music Man”: Cliff Noble

District Leadership Awards

Lt Gov Education and Training: Jo Lauricella
District Secretary: Susan Stewart
District Treasurer: Bill Moon
District Chief Judge: Jeff Harman

Toastmaster of the Year Award

Bobbi Wood

Founders Award

Ray Korns
Bill Moon



About Renaissance Speakers

The Renaissance Speakers is an award-winning and prominent Toastmasters club hosted by the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood, California. Join us this weekend for a little "Saturday Night Live on Sunday Morning!" at Celebrity Centre, in the Theatre, at 5930 Franklin Ave., Hollywood, CA., 90028, from 9:00am to Noon, each and every Sunday. ALL ARE WELCOME!