Speech: If You Build It, They Will Come, by Jo Lauricella (Video)

Jo Lauricella presents a briefing on the upcoming 2011 District 52 Spring Conference that takes place on May 14, 2011. The title is “If You Build It, They Will Come.” This speech is a High Performance Leadership (or HPL) project, which is a Toastmaster requirement for Advanced Leadership Gold. The purpose of the project is to teach and expand an individual’s ability as a leader by taking on a leadership role in a Toastmasters project, and getting feedback. This briefing to the club is the final requirement for the project. The conclusion of this presentation not only completed the requirements for Jo’s achievement of Advanced Leadership Gold, it is also her final requirement to achieve the Distinguished Toastmaster honor.

About Jo Lauricella

I am a past president of the Renaissance Speakers. I am presently the VP of PR. My first love is public speaking. I love being in front of an audience, I consider myself a conductor of audiences. I am presently organizing a company that will give people the tools to give powerful presentations from the first initial 30 second meeting, to short presentations all the way through a 5 hour seminar.