News: 2011-2012 New Officers Installation Event

Jo Lauricella and Annette McCullough

Jo Lauricella and Annette McCullough

Today the Renaissance Speakers celebrated its annual New Officers Installation Event, in which the past club officers are released from their duties, and the new executive committee are sworn into their respective roles. The event was held at the home of Richard and Susan Stewart and featured brunch as well as certificates of award to top achievers of the past year. Entertainment was provided on an impromptu basis in the usual Renaissance Speakers style of friendly, ongoing banter by club members. Toastmaster-of-the-Day, Val Rodionov, often instigated (purposefully and unpurposefully) a central role in the humor.

Featured speakers for the event included outgoing President, Susan Stewart, as well as new President, Jo Lauricella. Additionally, new Vice President of Membership, Kathy Oliver, gave a presentation on building membership and new Vice President of Education, Annette McCullough, presented a speech on completing Toastmasters educational manuals.

Susan Stewart highlighted the club accomplishments of the past year and Jo Lauricella emphasized that Renaissance Speakers are at their very best when they join together and create something and encouraged the club to “Let the splurging begin and the Renaissance Continue.”

Visiting dignitary, District 52 Governor Carolyn Goldman, presided over the officers installation and acknowledged the outgoing officers for a job well done and remarked upon the special enthusiasm and camaraderie of the Renaissance Speakers.

Outgoing 2010-2011 Renaissance Speakers Officers

President: Susan Stewart

VP Education: Val Rodionov

VP Production: Yana Yatkovskaya

VP Public Relations: Jo Lauricella

VP Membership: Annette McCullough

Secretary: Naomi Conners

Treasurer: Bill Moon

Sargeant-at-Arms: Fredo Moreno

Installation of the 2010-2011 Renaissance Speakers Officers

President: Jo Lauricella

VP Education: Annette McCullough

VP Production: Serena McCullough

VP Public Relations: George Alger

VP Membership: Kathy Oliver

Secretary: Bobbie Woods

Treasurer: Bill Moon

Sargeant-at-Arms: Richard Stewart

Presentation of Awards

Coveted ‘Coachess With The Mostess’ Award to Susan Stewart in recognition of having ‘pep-talked’ the most number of times throughout 2010-2011. Runner-ups: Naomi Conners, Debbie Ellish.

‘Magic Chef’ Award to Annette McCullough in recognition of having concocted a cornucopia of delectable delights by being the Toastmaster the most number of times throughout 2010-2011. Runner-ups: Jeff Harman, Jo Lauricella, Richard Stewart.

Top Hat Award to Naomi Conners in recognition of unfailing and unflagging support of Renaissance Speakers by virtue of having worn the most number of hats in the Club throughout 2010-11. Runner-ups: Ray Korns, Michael Baron, Jo Lauricella, Annette McCullough, Willard Michlin, Fredo Moreno, Susan Stewart, and Carol Worthy.

Top Dog ‘Generalissimo’ Award to John Taussig in recognition of his having won the most number of ribbons (a chestful, in fact) throughout 2010-2011.

Impromptu Impresario Award to Carol Worthey in recognition of fast thinking and speaking on one’s feet by virtue of having won the most Best Table Topics Ribbons in 2010-11.

Cream of the Coaches Award to Roberta Perry in recognition of effective mentoring of fellow speakers by virtue of having won the most Ribbons for Best Coach in 2010-11.

Fastest Out of the Gate Award to John Taussig in recognition of his dedication and enthusiasm by virtue of having won the most Ribbons for Pre-Competent Communicator in 2010-11.

Grandiloquent Orator Award to Jo Lauricella in recognition of consummate speechifying by virtue of having won the most Ribbons for Best Speaker in 2010-11.

Go Where No Renaissance Speaker Has Gone Before Award to Lance Miller in recognition of his true adventurous sprit by virtue of having given the most speeches outside the Club in 2010- 11. Runner-ups: Jo Lauricella; Annette McCullough; Richard Stewart; Roberta Perry; Susan Stewart; Bill Moon.

Extra Mile Award to Jo Lauricella in recognition of having earned multiple educational achievements for the year 2009-2010. Runner-up: Annette McCullough.

The Semper Fidelis to Fredo Moreno in recognition of his unfailing and unflagging support, week after week (never missing a meeting, not once!), as our perfect Sergeant at Arms throughout 2010-2011.

‘Mr. Social Network’ Award to George Alger in recognition of his indefatigable energy (and all-around zaniness) whilst pioneering our foray into the field of nodes and ties and links, oh my! throughout 2010-2011.

Founders Award to John Taussig in recognition of excellence in speaking outside the club in support of Scientology Expansion and World Betterment throughout 2010-2011.

Music Man Award to Cliff Noble in recognition of his creating fanfares, flourishes and finales delivered with a skosh of oom-pah-city and joy, throughout 2010-2011.

TOASTMASTER OF THE YEAR – Jo Lauricella in recognition of her gung-ho attitude, enthusiasm and dedication in helping others, her seemingly effortless scaling of the educational ladder at lightning speed, and in her vibrant support of the Club and the District, Jo was a shining example of a Renaissance Speaker throughout 2010-2011.

Finally, special thanks was presented to Naomi Conners for securing the resplendent brunch and to Debbie Ellish for the creation of this year’s imaginative, thoughtful and entertaining awards.

About Renaissance Speakers

The Renaissance Speakers is an award-winning and prominent Toastmasters club hosted by the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood, California. Join us this weekend for a little "Saturday Night Live on Sunday Morning!" at Celebrity Centre, in the Theatre, at 5930 Franklin Ave., Hollywood, CA., 90028, from 9:00am to Noon, each and every Sunday. ALL ARE WELCOME!